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The word Timios comes from the Greek word meaning “Treasure, precious and dearly counted for”. This name was especially chosen, as we believe that children are unique and special, no matter what their circumstances are. We believe that we are called to make a difference and know that through our projects we can break the cycle of child abuse and enable these children to become whole, balanced individuals with a vision and hope for their futures. Over 90 children are currently involved in our projects.

Following are the projects we are engaged in:

Foster Care towards Adoption

The majority of children have already been removed by the children’s court from their original homes due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. Timios Homes foster and adoptive families receive counselling, guidance and support in the type of parenting that such children need. Statistics show that many placements of children in alternative care fail because of lack of training and support to care givers, foster parents and biological children. Timios Homes have a proven higher success rate in a system where up to 60% of placements in alternative care normally fail. Children are placed in our care and a very specific process is followed to ensure the child’s stability in that specific placement.

Preventative Programme

We all know the well-known saying: prevention is better than cure! When a child receives the proper training and are taught good skills with a solid set of coping mechanisms, they will grow up to be a responsible adult. They will be citizens that S.A. can be proud of and who will be skilled, educated and socially well adjusted.
With the different programs that we provide, such change is possible. We work with the families and teach them healthy skills in their own environment. Some families have the capacity to “grow beyond” the challenges they face daily, and those families have the right to proper and carefully selected programs that will provide them with the help they need. The healing program also has a great influence in this area, especially with problems with substance abuse, parenting or couples struggling with adjusting to married life, or families that are victims from divorce.

Screening and Training Programme

Timios Homes focuses on the holistic healing of abused and traumatized children. We have adopted the approach of therapeutic parenting from the Attachment Centre at Evergreen in the USA. Therapeutic parenting is a professional approach to treating children and training parents of children with severe emotional disorders. A therapeutic parent is a highly skilled and trained individual, works in conjunction with a treatment team to treat the child in the therapeutic environment of the family.

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